Welcome To Garena Master 

Garena Master is Free warcraft3 - Garena - Dota map hack, exp hack, host drop hack and much more. 

Our hack works on garena , eurobattle , battlenet and most other w3/dota servers.

We also offer useful tools for warcraft3/Dota such as custom inventory KeyBinder 

that help you assess and use your warcraft3 - dota items like Dagon or Phase Boots.


Latest version:  2.29



2.29 Changelog:
- 7 working servers now for Auto AFK System!
- The new Auto AFK System is now giving 350xp for basic member and 700 for gold members
- Few bug fixes

How To Use Garena Master?

General Setting On Garena Master.

1. Run Garena Master.exe

NOTE: Don't forget to "run as administrator" if you are using window Vista / 7.

2. The Garena Master screen will pop-up after you have run GM.exe

NOTE: If you don`t have Garena installed you can download Garena Client from HERE

* Please select your Garena & Warcraft III folder first.
* Done for basic setting.

Warcraft III Hack on Garena Master !
1. Go to Warcraft III tab and select features you need.
* Make sure to close your warcraft III first before selected Garena Master features.
* Just choose your features are needed by "tick" in Garena Master box.

2. "ENABLE / DISABLE MAP HACK features" 
* You need to "tick" ENABLE MAP HACK if you wanted to use it or you will get an error.
* Now you can start your games and don't forget to press ALT+1 to activated your MH features in Games.
 NOTE: You can manually set your key for enable / disable MAP HACK by setting in on Garena Master "Set Hotkeys"

 Garena Hack on Garena Master.
1. You need start Garena on Garena Master then new Garena Master window and Garena client with pop-up.
* Now you can choose Garena features on Garena tab.
* Before you login your Garena, make sure you have to click "patch"

2. How to use "Host Hack" ?

* Make sure you are "HOST" games !!
* All that you need is send a private message (PM) to the target user inside of the game [Press F12 to select the player to send] with the wanted command.

Here is your command list for Host hack:
- Kick a player without waiting time:
.k or .kick

- Kick a player with waiting time:
.b or .block

- Lag the player (Configure the intensity in Garena Tab [DelayOn(ms)])
.xon or .delayon

- Remove lag from the player that you lagged
.xoff or .delayoff